Do the Bay Area police only exist to protect criminals from angry citizens?

The Bay Area is deteriorating fast

A Good Samaritan tackled a shoplifter at an Alameda County Walgreens. This is in the Bay Area. Before police arrived, an accomplice of the shoplifter assaulted the man, and the shoplifter ran off.

The Bay Area has been plagued with surging rates of shoplifting. The state of California decriminalized shoplifting to make it a minor crime. Even when caught, the local District Attorney’s offices pamper shoplifters as victims of circumstance instead of treating them as criminals.

Meanwhile, police are instructed to threaten law-abiding citizens with criminal charges if they try to stop a crime. Even private security companies say there is very little they can do for a business located in California because of laws that protect criminals.

Walgreens has already shuttered numerous stores across the Bay Area due to rampant shoplifting.

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