San Francisco suddenly launches massive crackdown on public drug use

New drug policy is closer to that of the Taliban than their previous "progressive" policies

In a stunning reversal of past policies, San Francisco will now arrest addicts. They will be given a choice of jail or drug treatment.

San Francisco allowed the city to become an open-air drug den for years. They took a complete hands-off approach. Addicts were even given free syringes and other tools and supplies to consume narcotics. Things are so bad that they are going to do a 180. The San Francisco police have started to arrest people for drug use again. Beginning today, they will go to special “drug courts,” where they can be sentenced to drug treatment. Otherwise, they will go to jail. Either way, they will be off the street for at least a while.

The new policy will be more like that of the Taliban compared to the past several years’ radical “progressive” drug policies.

Forced drug treatment has been praised as a success by the Taliban:

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