San Francisco AIDS Foundation urged people to conceal Monkeypox symptoms during homosexual sex festival

Put a Band-Aid over your sores

The non-profit group San Francisco AIDS Foundation [SFAF] openly called on homosexual men to conceal potential symptoms of Monkeypox during the notorious Dore Alley Fair.

Dore Alley Fair is a celebration of sex fetishes in the South of Market neighborhood of San Francisco [SoMa]. It took place Sunday. Video clips on Twitter confirm that the SoMa area was full of naked homosexual men, some of whom engaged in public sex acts. The event is known to be followed by thousands of homosexual men engaging in anonymous sex.

Ahead of the event, SFAF publicly advises attendees to cover up and hide potential symptoms of Monkeypox using Band-Aids. California State Senator Scott Weiner, a homosexual Jewish man, openly opposed efforts to fight the virus as “sex shaming.” Weiner is the same state Senator who spearheaded successful efforts to decriminalize street prostitution and also to decriminalize homosexual sex acts with minors.

San Francisco already has the highest number of confirmed Monkeypox cases per capita in the state.

In some surveys, as many as 99% of cases of Monkeypox are among homosexual men. The virus is mainly being spread as an STD during anonymous unprotected sex. National Conservative has been tracking the rise of Monkeypox among homosexual men.

SFAF was founded in 1982.

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