California repeals “racist” law against street prostitution.

Another victory against systemic racism!

Scott Weiner introduced the bill.

California Governor Gavin Newson has signed SB357, California’s “Safer Streets Acts.” The bill repeals Penal Code section 653.22, California’s state law against “loitering with intent to commit prostitution.” California will be the first state in America with no state law that forbids prostitutes from soliciting in public places.

Those with past convictions will be allowed to petition the court to have the charges dismissed and sealed.

Various far-left activists in California claim that laws against prostitution unfairly target Black women and transsexuals.

“Everyone has a right to feel safe in their communities. California’s law that criminalizes loitering with intent to commit prostitution gives law enforcement a tool to harass and discriminate against Black and trans communities, particularly women of color. The Safer Streets for All Act will take away this outdated and subjective Penal Code section 653.22 which has for too long allowed law enforcement to criminalize and harass someone based on the color of their skin, their gender, or how they choose to make a living.” – California ACLU

The bill was introduced by San Francisco based California State Senator Scott Wiener. SB 357 passed the California Assembly 41 to 29, with 10 abstaining. It passed the California Senate 26 to 9, with 5 abstaining.

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