California’s largest Black newspaper suffers smash n’ grab, $10k-$15k in property stolen

Pro-Black newspaper and charity hit by a smash and grab

Oakland Post

An endless stream of brazen looting has rocked the San Francisco Bay Area. This time it happened to the offices of the Oakland Post, and the non-profit charity Occur.

The Oakland Post is billed as “California’s Largest African American Newspaper.” Occur is a charity focused on providing services to the Black community in Oakland.

Oakland Post editor Paul Cobb says that his rare coin collection and Black Nationalist artwork were stolen. Sondra Alexander, Interim Director of Occur, says that a stack of blank checks were stolen. She says the perp/perps successfully cashed one of these checks for $3,000 the following day.

Surveillance video reportedly shows a “male” smashing the window of the Oakland Post with a bicycle.

The newspaper is fifty-eight years old. The original editor, Chauncey Bailey, was murdered after giving bad press to the notorious “Your Black Muslim Bakery [YBMB].” This was a business run by followers of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam. An employee of the Bakery confessed to killing Bailey. The murder of Bailey is considered the first domestic killing of an American journalist for reporting a story in thirty years.

YBMB is connected to numerous murders and crimes spanning from 1968 to 2007. This includes the racially motivated “Zebra Murders,” in which followers of the NOI awarded points for murdering White people in the Bay Area in the 1970s.

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