Six people shot at Oakland school

Suspect is still at large

This is what it has come too. Six people shot at a public school and it only received minor media coverage.

Extremely few details have even been reported. We only know it occurred at Sojourner Truth Independent Study. This is part of a three school campus known as Kings Estate. Six adult victims were transported to a hospital with gunshot wounds. Two were shot inside the school and four outside the school. Two were reportedly suffering life-threatening injuries.

The shooter is at large. Police have not released any information on the suspect. All six victims are said to “have some affiliation with the school.”

According to Great Schools, the school is 45% Hispanic, 34% Black, and 8% White. Academic performance is abysmal.

In 2021, Oakland had 133 homicides, the highest number since 2006.

Oakland experienced 148 homicides in 2006. This was a dramatic increase over the 85 homicides in 2005. At the time, police said retaliatory inter-gang violence was drove the spike.  With the exception of another big spike in 2012, homicide rates had been in a slow decline since 2006. Homicides shot up again in 2020 as nationwide BLM rioting rocked the country.

During the first eight months of 2022, Oakland had at least 83 homicides.

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