Virgin Atlantic’s new pro-Transsexual policies get 89% downvotes on their YouTube channel

Not Satire!

Virgin Atlantic, owned by Billionaire Richard Branson, wants to become the most transsexual-friendly airline in the world.

Activist designer Vivienne Westwood has created new uniforms for the company. Men will be allowed to wear women’s uniforms and vice versa.

Male employees can use women’s changing rooms and shower facilities.

Employees will be entitled to time off for gender mutilation surgeries.

Customers will have extra gender options, including “U” and “X.” The salutation “Mx” will also be available. However, these features will only be available in “certain countries.”

Virgin Atlantic published a commercial on YouTube yesterday announcing the new policies. Users have downvoted it over 2.4k times and upvoted it only 281 times.

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