Pediatrician urges children to “pause puberty” with drugs to “explore their gender identity”

The push to recruit more "trans kids"

The surge in transsexuality has not come about organically. Much of them are being recruited at a young age. Some are pushed into it by their parents, with so-called medical professions acting as eager accomplices.

Pushing children to become trans has become one of the ultimate forms of virtue signaling.

Here were see Dr. Tessa Commers of Seattle, Washington saying children should artificially “pause puberty” to “explore their gender identity.” Commers also says that puberty blockers have no negative consequences and are “totally reversible.” Currently, the medical community has no idea what the side effects of using these drugs to block puberty will be. The drugs have been re-appropriated from other uses. There is no medical research demonstrating that it is totally reversible. Puberty blocking treatments are based on anecdotal evidence.

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