One killed, one critical after “machete brawl” outside birthday party at Afro-Caribbean church in London

London has seen large scale Black mob violence during three of the past five weekends

Shae Gordon, 17, was killed during the “machete brawl.”

Over the weekend, there were two major mob battles in London. One involved people from the Afro-Caribbean community and other from the African community.

Police say that a group of people were denied entry to a party at the New Testament Church of God in a London neighborhood. About four hundred people were attending a party inside the church. The church describes itself as “one of the largest Black majority churches in the UK” and is aimed at the Afro-Caribbean diaspora.

The group allegedly launched an attack with machetes.  In what the British media is calling a “machete brawl,” police say one hundred people battled it out in front of the church. A 17 year old Black male was killed and an 18 year old is is critical condition after being stabbed in the neck.

Police have made zero arrests so far. However, police say they are bracing for retaliatory attacks in the community. A “Section 60” order is underway in the neighborhood. This means that police can stop and search people for weapons at any time.

Meanwhile, there was also major violence on a crowded London street near the Eritrean embassy. Immigrants from Eritrea and Ethiopia battled each other. Many armed with various types of clubs. Police say they were powerless to stop the rampage. The violence was directly related to the War in Tigray.

Two weekends ago, London was rocked by major violence during the annual Afro-Caribbean festival.

The festival is an annual orgy of violence. Two female police officers even report being sexually assaulted by mobs of Black males. There were over two hundreds arrests. Organizers are bragging that arrests were down. However, that is only because police were ordered to be as lenient as possible. There was was also a “Section 60” order in place for the festival and police were stopping people to search for weapons continuously.

The Afro-Caribbean festival was first launched as the Notting Hill Festival in 1966 to promote racial unity. However, it has been a habitual scene of serious violence. The event has included rioting and attacks on police as far back as the 1970s. There was major rioting and violence from 2016 to 2019. In 2020 and 2021, the festival was cancelled for Covid-19. However many believe that violence was the real reason that the event was forced to skip two years.

Two weekends before the Afro-Caribbean Festival, hundreds of young Black males and females launched a pre-planned riot and looted stores in London. The city of London has seen large scale Black mob violence

So called “machete brawls” are now a re-occurring phenomenon in England.

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