Covid-19 surges in Gibraltar despite a Pfizer vaccination rate of “100%”

Most adults have even had a 3rd booster shot

Gibraltar claims that 100% of the entire adult population is fully vaccinated with the Pfizer mRNA vaccine. Most of the adult population has already had a 3rd “booster” dose as well.

When it come to Covid-19, Gibraltar is touted as the most vaccinated place in the world. Gibraltar previously declared itself to be “Covid Free” last April when vaccination rates hit 85%. Gibraltar is also geographically isolated. It does share a tiny border with Spain, but Spain also has a very high vaccination rate of 80%.

However, covid-19 rates are surging once again in this tiny British territory of 34k people.

Other small nations like Israel and Singapore, with very high percentages of the population inoculated with the Pfizer vaccine, also reported a low success rate.

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