Not Satire: Netanyahu tells Israelis to prepare to take “SIX OR MORE” Pfizer shots

Over 1.7 million Israelis have already lost their vaccine passports for not taking the THIRD shot!

Over 70% of the adult population of Israel has been vaccinated with the two-dose Pfizer mRNA vaccine. This is the only Covid-19 vaccine available in Israel, and the results have been extremely underwhelming. Back in July, the Israeli research community downgraded the efficacy rate of the Pfizer vaccine to a dismal 39%. They concluded that the vaccine does not produce enough anti-bodies to last very long.

In September, the Israel “coronavirus czar” Salman Zarka announced that Israeli citizens would have to take a fourth dose. A third shot six months after taking the two-dose vaccine, and a fourth dose six months later. For a total of four doses in two years.

The Israeli government escalated things quickly. They already required citizens to have a vaccine passport called the “Green Pass.” On October 2nd, the vaccine passports were no longer valid unless you had a dose of the vaccine within the past six months!

Nearly two million Israeli citizens lost their vaccine passports on October 2nd because they had not yet taken a third dose of the two-dose vaccine!

Former Prime Minister Netanyahu is already saying that Israeli citizens will need to take six or more doses total. He says that people need to take more doses because the vaccine is ineffective.

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