Anti-vaccine memes are now a reality as Israeli government suggests FOURTH mRNA booster shot!

The Pfizer vaccine has has greatly underwhelmed in Israel

Between 65-70% of all Israeli citizens are fully vaccinated with the mRNA Pfizer vaccine. Despite this, the number of people hospitalized for the virus is at the highest level since late February.

The number of people testing positive each day in Israel is currently at an all-time high. However, testing may very well also be at an all-time high. The rate of positive results vs. the rate of testing is never mentioned.

Back in July, the Israeli research community reported that the true efficacy rate of the Pfizer vaccine was 39% against the delta variant. Since then, the Israeli research has only continued to pile on bad news about the vaccine’s inability to protect you against SARS2/Covid-19.

Israel was among the first governments to suggest a bonus dose of the Pfizer vaccine. As the bad news continues to come in, they are already suggesting a 4th dose.

Essentially, the Israeli research community is saying that the Pfizer mRNA vaccine only produces enough antibodies to give you immunity for as little as six months. This is a small fraction of the immunity you would acquire from natural exposure to SARS2/Covid-19.

One Israeli study concluded that those with naturally acquired immunity from a previous SARS2/Covid-19 infection are seven to thirteen times less likely to develop a new infection when it comes to the “delta variant,” compared to people who are fully vaccinated with two doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

Israel’s so-called “coronavirus czar” Salman Zarka is now suggesting a need for a FOURTH dose of the Pfizer vaccine. This is great news for Pfizer stockholders. However, the benefit to the average Israeli is highly debatable.

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