Antifa allegedly shoots conservative activist in the calf in Olympia, WA

Third attempted murder by Antifa on the west coats in three weeks

Antifa Twitter accounts are justifying an alleged attempted murder by saying Toese once wore a t-shirt defended the former dictator of Chile.

There was an anti-lockdown demonstration in Olympia, Washington on Saturday September 4th. Antifa, openly carrying firearms, clubs, and other weapons, attacked the event.

A Samoan male named Tusitala “Tiny” Toese was shot in the calf. He is allegedly a member of the Proud Boys. This is a men’s club founded by comedian Gavin McInnis. Antifa have threatened to murder him in the past.  Antifa Twitter accounts are justifying this alleged attempted murder saying Toese once wore a t-shirt promoting Augusto Pinochet, the former dictator of Chile

Alissa Azar, a Syrian immigrant who is an Antifa activist and does gonzo pornography on OnlyFans, alleges that she was assaulted by members of the Proud Boys at the same event.

Recently, an Antifa was caught on video stabbing a Latino male at an anti-lockdown protest in front of Los Angeles City Hall. The victim was seriously injured, and the Antifa suspect has been arrested. An Antifa also opened fired on Dennis Anderson, 65, in Portland, Oregon just last last week. This could be the third attempted murder by an Antifa on the West Coast in less than three weeks time.

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