Video shows a “black bloc” gunman firing shots at Dennis Anderson near Portland Antifa rally

Portland appears to have narrowly avoided another Antifa murder

Gunman appears to be wearing a football helmet.

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As Dennis Anderson runs away, and a gunman fires another shot towards his back, you see a black SUV drive by. The gunman appears to have been using this Black SUV as cover. 

There is a video clip that exposes the gunman as the SUV pulls away. The gunman appears to be in full “black bloc” apparel, complete with a black backpack and black helmet. It appears to be a football helmet. The armed perp, menacing Anderson earlier, has a black sweatshirt, black backpack, but brown pants and no helmet.

Two other people, both in Antifa-style apparel, are with the gunman. One is in a wheelchair. In later videos, there is an Antifa in a wheelchair who is part of the group interfering with the crime scene investigation.


Hundreds of Antifa massed at Waterfront Park, many of whom openly brandished firearms. Numerous felonious assaults take place against a group of street preachers and other pedestrians.

According to a reporter for Portland’s largest media outlet, the Oregonian, Anderson walked past a group of Antifa and said, “You guys are the real fascists.”

Video shows Anderson being following by Antifa, who are yelling threats. One of the perps is aggressively aiming a handgun directly at Anderson. Meanwhile, Anderson seems to be trying to de-escalate the situation. He has pulled the clip out of his own pistol and is holding his arms out in a non-aggressive way while walking backward, trying to leave the area.

That video takes place on SW Taylor Street, close to Waterfront Park, about two and a half blocks away from the shooting. Anderson is walking away from the Park, and Antifa is following him. Anderson told police that Antifa follow him and made threats for five blocks.

Moments later, a different person fires at least seven shots at Anderson. 

Anderson crouches behind a metal box in front of MOD Pizza. Multiple bullets hit the Pizza shop. Anderson appears to fire one shot back, and then he makes a run for it down SW Yamhill Street. The Gunman fires one more shot as Anderson is running away.

Minutes later, Anderson is arrested without incident and cooperates with the police. He was released the following day on a $5k bail.

However, Antifa mob police and actively impede the crime scene investigation. An officer accuses Antifa of stealing bullets from the crime scene. The Antifa mock him and make sarcastic comments. Later the Portland police department issued a press release saying they believe crime scene evidence was taken.

Portland police say Anderson has no known affiliation with any organizations.

The shooter.
Anderson being menaced by a different armed perp over two blocks away.

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