Portland Antifa were just involved in a shooting, now they are preventing the police from investigating

Police officer says Antifa took evidence from the crime scene

Update: The man being shot at by Antifa has been named in a Police press release. He is Dennis G. Anderson, 65, of Gresham, OR. So far, he has no none ties to any group. The press release also confirms that police believe evidence was stolen from the crime scene.

A shootout has occurred on SW 2nd Avenue in Portland, two blocks away from where an armed Antifa rally was being held. Many Antifa brought body armor, tactical gear, and long rifles to the rally. They also harassed, threatened, and assaulted pedestrians in the area prior to the shooting.

Antifa Twitter account have already admitted that Antifa was involved in the shooting.

Note: Some clickbait websites are falsely claiming that this was a shootout between the Proud Boys and Antifa. Antifa did try to attack a rally in a different part of the city, and members of the Proud Boys allegedly fought back. However, this was a completely different part of the city miles away. This shooting is completely unrelated to the rally in the K-mart parking lot.

At some point Antifa begin following an older man down SW 2nd Street. The man pulls out what appears to be a gun, but points it at the ground. Later, the man is seen crouching behind a metal box in front of MOD Pizza. He is taking incoming fire. He appears to fire one shot back. The shooting continues as he runs away.

The older man is arrested, but police say he has not been charged yet. Bullet casings and unfired bullets were left at the scene. When police arrive, Antifa scream profanities at them and actively impede the investigation. One officer is on video accusing Antifa members of taking bullets that were dropped at the crime scene. The Antifa continue to jeer and make sarcastic remarks about the bullets.

Several bullets hit MOD Pizza. At least one bullet hit a car.

The shooting took place less than two blocks from where a self-described Antifa member stalked and murdered a Trump supporter on August 29th, 2020. That murder took place on SW 3rd Ave.

A police officer explicitly accuses Antifa of taking bullets that were dropped at the crime scene:

Videos from earlier in the day:

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