Portland police end disastrous two year traffic enforcement stand down

"We're back," says Portland Police Bureau Traffic Enforcement Unit

During the deadly nationwide BLM riots, cities, counties, and entire states adopted new policies to reduce the number of Black people pulled over by police.

The result was a massive surge in the Black Motor Vehicle Accident [MVA] death rate.

Once again, “social justice” proved deadly for Black people.

In 2014, MVA death rates were higher for Whites than Blacks. The Black rate had been creeping up for years. At the same time the BLM riots began, the Black rate surged wildly.

The Portland police discontinued their traffic enforcement division and began an official stand-down on traffic enforcement in mid-2021. Things have gotten so bad that the traffic division was just relaunched on May 11th.

MVA Death Rate for the state of Oregon 2019-2021:


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Ed Watts
2 months ago

The “Annualized Rate” graph above shows that some groups are better at exercising self-control than other(s).