Black motor vehicle deaths exploded alongside BLM rioting

CDC: 37.8% increase in Black motor vehicle deaths from 2019 to 2021

As BLM rioting spread across America, politicians and police departments rushed to create new policies to reduce the number of Blacks being pulled over. This was done to pander to Black racial militants and promote “social justice.”

The result has been devastating for America, especially the Black community.

Here is data from the CDC on motor vehicle fatalities. We have three categories shown. Black, non-Hispanic Whites, and “Hispanic Whites.” In April 2020, motor vehicle fatalities were down for all three groups. Most likely because of the lockdowns. In May 2020, fatalities were still down for Whites and Hispanics but surging for Blacks.

In June 2020, the Black motor vehicle fatality rate soared. It went higher than it has ever been since at least 1999. In June and August, White and Hispanic rates went up. The Hispanic rate went up more than the White rate, but neither went up as much as the Black rate.

These elevated rates continued during 2021.

Annual motor vehicle fatality rate increase from 2019 to 2021 according to the CDC:

Black: 37.8%
Mixed-race: 30.0%
A. Indian: 29.6%
Hispanic: 29.7%
All races: 20.2%
Asian: 14.0%
White: 11.9%

Related Data:

In the state of Oregon, legislators decriminalized moving violations in the name of "social justice" and helping "people of color." The law was passed during BLM rioting and went into effect October 1st, 2020. The state government admits that speeding and traffic fatalities surged in 2021, but they pretend like they don't know why.

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