Judge acquits Patriot Prayer leader who was falsely charged with rioting after being assaulted by Antifa

Prosecution was politically motivated

District Attorney Mike Schmidt openly shields Antifa and BLM rioters from criminal prosecution. However, Joey Gibson, a victim of Antifa violence, was falsely charged and prosecuted for “rioting.” This is a Class C felony that carries up to a five-year prison sentence and a $125k fine.

Fortunately for Joey Gibson, he got a reasonable judge. Gibson’s trial started July 18th. On July 19th, Judge Benjamin Souede ruled that prosecutors did not have enough evidence. The Judge acquitted Gibson and co-defendant Russell Schultz.

Gibson was falsely charged with rioting after Antifa assaulted him on May 1st, 2019. The assault took place outside Cider Riot, a bar that was a notorious Antifa hangout. This was the same incident where Antifa brutally beat Andy Ngo, a homosexual Vietnamese journalist.

Cider Riot, which has since closed down, was the scene of numerous incidents of left-wing violence. It is where high-profile Antifa member Sean Kealiher was intentionally crushed to death with a car. A rival faction of Antifa possibly murdered Kealiher. After he was killed, Antifa accounts on Twitter ordered everyone to refuse to cooperate with the police. Kealiher’s killer has never been apprehended because the Antifa who witnessed his death refuse to disclose who killed him.

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