Teen found dead at Black Hammer HQ. Chief Kodzo says his death will help the group get free publicity.

"This is just going to build me up" - Chief Kodzo

The Black Hammers are the group that was previously raising money to establish a “no-Whites allowed autonomous zone” in a remote area of Colorado. They are also known for their online feuds with Antifa and other Black Supremacist groups. The Black Hammer leader, Augustus Clandius Romain AKA Chief Gazi Kodzo, was arrested yesterday after an unnamed teenager was found dead inside the group’s headquarters.

More recently, the group has relocated from Colorado to the Atlanta area. Tuesday morning, police responded to a “trouble unknown” call. Someone reported a kidnapping and then hung up. Police traced the call to a residence in Clayton County, south of Atlanta. The property is being rented by Kodzo as used as the headquarters for the Black Hammers.

Police ordered everyone out of the house with a megaphone. Nine people came out. Chief Kodzo told police a tenth “mentally different” person was still inside. At some point, a gunshot was heard. Police evacuated the entire neighborhood while a SWAT team searched the home using a robot. An unnamed teenager was found dead.

Police believe a self-inflicted gunshot killed him. When the media arrived, Kodzo told them that police went into the house “guns blazing” and had just shot a 19-year-old. He declined to give the person’s name.

While police were investigating the scene, Kodzo posted videos online asking people to donate money to him using Cash App. He also boasted that the teenager’s death would help his organization grow because all the media would want to interview him now. Kodzo states, “this is just going to build me up.” He goes on to state, “this is a great moment. Our voices will be amplified.”

Kodzo also tells other members of the group not to talk to the police and let the group’s lawyer do all the talking. He was later taken into custody. It is unclear if he has been charged with a crime.

According to the media, Chief Kodzo referred to the deceased 19-year-old as “my son.” However, it is unclear if this is supposed to have meant a literal son or a figurative son. On July 13th, Kodzo posted a video on YouTube saying “his son” was arrested recently and is now being held in the Metro Juvenile Detention Center.

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