Pop goes the media’s narrative: Atlanta spree shooter was obsessed with prostitutes, not Asians

Shooter frequented massage parlors for prostitution

For months, the media has hyped a completely false narrative that Asians are being subjected to hate crimes by White Trump supporters

So when Robert Aaron Long went on a deadly shooting spree at multiple Korean-run massage parlors, the media exploded with joy. They claimed they finally had evidence that Trump’s alleged anti-Chinese rhetoric had caused violence against Asian people.

Despite constant mass shootings occurring in recent months, in which the media never mentions race, this time the media screamed “White male” targets “Asian women.” The race of the perpetrator and the race of the victims were the most important part of the story. Long killed six Asian women, mostly Koreans, a White female, and a White male.

Of course, massage parlors are notorious for being fronts for prostitution. So level-headed people immediately thought that politics and coronavirus were probably not the motive.

The people who went with the most logical conclusion were right. The shooter was a guy who frequented these parlors because of the prostitution. (If I had to guess, I would say he was probably was in love with a prostitute, and she rejected him.)

Capt. Jay Baker of the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed this, saying that the shooter was addicted to prostitutes and was trying to “eliminate the temptation.” Baker says the shooting was not racially motivated. He also says that Long’s family immediately called the police when they recognized their son in a surveillance video. The shooter has confessed and is said to be cooperating.

Cherokee Sheriff Frank Reynolds also confirmed that the evidence points to a sexual motivate and not a racial or political motivation.

Meanwhile, the radical left is trying to decide how to spin this. How can they continue to exploit this mass murder to promote the narrative that Asians are under attack by White people? Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms has already declared that talking about the prostitution aspect is “victim-blaming or victim shaming.”

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