Retired police chief killed in savage live streamed hate crime

The biggest #hushcrime of 2023

Update: The suspects have been identified as Jesus Ayala, 17, and Jzamir Keys, 16. Ayala is an Amerindian Latino from an immigrant family. Keys is Black. It has also been revealed that they allegedly rammed another 72-year-old victim earlier in the day. This victim, who has not been name, survived.

Update: A brand new report by News Nation claims that not only has the passenger never been charged with a crime, but police do not even know who he is. See video below.

On August 14, Andreas Probst, a 64-year-old retired Bell, California, police chief, was riding his bicycle in a designated bike lane in Las Vegas, NV.

A car rammed into him, and he died shortly after. Police arrested the seventeen-year-old driver a short distance away but classified his identity. Probst’s death was only treated as a traffic-related homicide.

However, a passenger in the car had videotaped the killing. The attack was apparently live-streamed on an unspecified social media platform. The video shows two Black males in a Hyundai Elantra engaged in a criminal rampage. They intentionally hit another car. Then, they intentionally hit and fatally injured Probst. 

The video was brought to the attention of police on Aug. 29. The charges were upgraded to open murder. However, his identity is still classified. There are no reports that the accomplice, who videotaped the murder, has been arrested. The Las Vegas Review-Journal says the car used in the attack was stolen. 

The story has been quarantined to local media coverage only. After the charges were upgraded to murder, most local Las Vegas media outlets only referred to the victim as “a 64-year-old man.”

However, the video has exploded across Twitter today, drawing shock and outrage that the story has been so suppressed in media.


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They are a scourge on society
9 months ago

We all know why this story was suppressed and the identities hidden. If the scum were white they would have already leaked their names and done a thorough family investigation into each, including ancestry!
It’s time to wake up and realize these people cannot function in proper society they are a scourge wherever they are in the world!

Concerned Citizen
9 months ago

We don’t have a race problem in this country. We have a problem race.

David Huntington
9 months ago

The assailant should be charged with a hate crime, in addition to premeditated murder..

Road Rage Eschewer
9 months ago

I’ve noticed over the years that almost every car-on-cyclist fatality in the New Orleans area involves a black driver, or is in a very melanated part of town, and generally involves a non-black cyclist. The local media of course never does stories on this phenomenon. Then again, members of the African diaspora do 97% of the homicides there, so it wouldn’t be newsworthy. Despite intensely noticing / studying / escaping black crime for a long time, I had somehow never thought these “accidents” might be intentional until seeing this vid.
Blacks absolutely are the most psychotic, cruel, uncaring drivers when it comes to common courtesy: rarely using turn signals, tailgating aggressively, driving right through stop signs & red lights, etc., not to mention usually having windshields illegally tinted pitch black & even reclining way back in the driver’s seat to look cool, which keeps them from using their side mirrors properly.
A shady brotha tried to sell me a counterfeit brake tag sticker at a rough NOLA gas station a few years ago, a few blocks from where Beyoncé’s sister Solange’s best friend was stabbed 10+ times by a sista. (Solange later sold her house there & moved to Cali, one of several liberal celebs, another being Sandra Bullock, to quietly flee NOLA during the post-Floyd crime spike.)
The cops are treasonously AWOL post-Floyd, especially regarding road crimes. In one of the most famously alcohol-drenched cities on earth, NOPD made only 69 DUI arrests in 2022, compared to 600+ in 2017. They should be making 69 per day, most of whom would be blacks, many with arrest warrants out. But we can’t have nice things anymore. My point is that when drivers know there’s no chance of being pulled over anymore, they’re no longer anxious about carrying that stolen gun or that baggie of drugs or that trafficked child, or livestreaming a homicide. Ceding America’s roads to black mayhem has been the most unforgivable thing our nation’s police have done this past decade, though the ([[media]]) have of coursed tricked them into it.
Our first instinct as order-loving Europeans is to donate to our local PD to give them more resources with which to “fight crime,” but if they’re doing nothing, we should give them nothing.

9 months ago

This is ruthless murder!!!!

Robert W Israel
9 months ago

Persons of color committing horrible crimes somehow never get noticed by the MSM. Is that what being “color blind” means?

9 months ago

What it means is that the New World Order socialists who have systematically taken control over the World’s Main Stream Media, the Reserve Banks of most nations, the Political Parties, the Judiciary, the Educational system, the Manufactoring system, the World’s Natural resources, the Pharmaceutical industry, the Agricultural sectors, in the last 70 odd years have been successful in bringing about their totalitarian control over We The People. Their objectives of destroying the Capitalist West and specifically America and Europe through racial division, legislative and legal controls through lawyers paid by Socialist Billionaires, through uncontrolable debt and runaway inflation, by stopping all forms of self sufficient oil production, etc.
It means that the socialists have successfully hoodwinked the Western population into blindly moving forward into the direction that the Socialists have predetermined decades ago without them realising the actual critical predicament that they are in.
The two tier justice system that the Democrats have been using against the Conservative Right is just one indication of their total control over the judicial system.Biden as a Vice President had no legal right to have Classified Documents in his home while Trump as a President had every legal right, but who are they indicting? One set of indictments for Black’s and another set for Whites. The list goes on and on for anyone who does not have indoctrinated blinkers on.
America and the West need to wake up. Go Google and study about the Socialist Fabian Society and their means and objectives.

suppress the oppressors
9 months ago

thanks for reporting the truth


the media has us believing its not

but there are court cases out there that say it is

fine the parents!!!!!