SPLC issues defiant statement after their staff attorney is charged with terrorism

SPLC blames the police, defends "protesters"

SPLC staff attorney Thomas Webb Jurgens was among the twenty-three people arrested and charged with domestic terrorism in Atlanta. Far-left militants launched a surprise ambush attack on police officers guarding a construction site. The officers retreated, and hundreds of thousands in arson damage was carried out. Video clearly shows the attack was premeditated.

The SPLC issued an official statement to WSB-TV defending the actions of their staff attorney. They blame everything on the police and declare they are “dismantling white supremacy.”

Thomas Jurgens, they claim, was just observing the criminal violence, assaults, and arson. It is important to note that an established tactic of Antifa is for everyone to claim they are either a “legal observer,” “journalist,” or “medic” when arrested.

It is also a growing tactic of the far-left to simply claim property destruction is not an “violence.”

Statement from SPLC


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