Spanish ruling party prepares to mandate female quotas in “all spheres”

However, they also declared that men can self-identify as women

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez just announced what he calls “The Equal Representation Law.” The law will require gender parity in both government and the private sector.

All Spanish parties must have 50/50 gender parity on candidate lists. Spanish elections are conducted through proportional representation based on political party, rather than winner take all single district elections like America has.

The boards of directors for large companies and professional organizations would also be required to have at least 40% women.

Pedro Sanchez is part of the Spanish Socialist Worker’s Party [PSOE], which rules as a single-party minority ruling coalition. The PSOE controls 43% of the Cortes Generales, while smaller far-left parties control another 13.3% and keep the PSOE in power.

“If they represent half of society, half of the political and economic power has to be women’s,” stated Sanchez.

Last December, Sanchez passed the EU’s first law mandating paid leave for menstrual pain. At the same time, Sanchez also passed a law recognizing the right of men aged 14 and older to self-identify as women at will.

Critics suggest the law will spark a flood of “transwomen” in government and corporate boardrooms.

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