Tariq Nasheed opens “Hidden History Museum”

Museum promotes the FBA cult

Tariq Nasheed’s gangster rap album.

Tariq Nasheed has opened the “Hidden History Museum” on the south side of Los Angeles. Nasheed is a Black racial militant who is also known as the gangster rapper K-Flex.

Most recently, Nasheed has become a figurehead of the so-called “Foundational Black Americans [FBA]” movement. FBA promotes the idea that Black immigrants from the Caribbean, South America, and Africa are not authentic “Black Americans.” Nasheed himself has suggested that Black police officers who use excessive force against Black suspects are likely to be non-FBAs.

The Hidden History Museum specifically promotes the cult-like FBA movement. Among other things, it promotes violent gangster rap music.

Many adherents to FBA claim that many American Indian tribes were Black people from Africa.

Some adherents of FBA claim that the Mauri, or “Moors,” from Algeria and Morocco, had sub-Saharan African features and colonized America before Europeans. This overlaps with the Black sovereign citizen’s movement, who claim they are above the law because of the US treaty with Tripoli signed in 1796.

Tariq Nasheed uses a famous European image of a severed head of a Mauri on ads for the Hidden History Museum. The “Moor’s Head” is used on the flags of Corsica and Sardinia.

This Tariq Nasheed’s new documentary “American Maroon.”

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