Marxist group claims it is building a “No Whites Allowed” autonomous zone in the Colorado Rockies

Youtube, GoFundMe, and Twitter allow anti-White, anti-Government insurgency group

The group claims they will construct earthbag homes for $5k apiece.

A group calling itself the Black Hammer just announced that they have “liberated 200 acres of Colorado.” They say they are creating their own Communist city-state, called “Hammer City,” where everything will be free. The group refers to anyone of European or Jewish ancestry as a “Bleach Demon” and says no White people will be allowed in Hammer City. Only victims of the colonizers will inhabit the city.

However, the group does have several fair-skinned members who simply claim to be American Indians. They also have a “Reparations Corps.” These are White people who are supposed to commit to giving them money regularly.

Despite a well-known history of de-platforming mainstream conservatives, GoFundMe is allowing the group to use its platform to fund its anti-White and anti-Government insurgency.

The group has raised $65k on GoFundMe for far for Hammer City. The money will allegedly go to build primitive earthbag homes. The group also claims the 200 acres contain “lush and fertile” land for farming. Based on the group’s pictures, there is no lush and fertile land on the 200 acres. They are high up in the Rocky Mountains. The group themselves claim it is ten thousand feet above sea level. The elevation and rocky landscape would be ill-suited for most farming.










3D model of their vision of Hammer City