Seattle has become an international laughing stock for its tolerance of left-wing violence

Seattle is more extreme than any fiction

In 2010, Somali immigrant Ubax Gardheere boarded a Seattle school bus full of Middle School-aged children. She berated the children and the bus driver over US foreign policy and threatened them with murder. As children fled, she called them “cowards,” and continued making threats against the remaining children. For this, she was convicted of a misdemeanor! Now she is running for County Council.

Seattle pays her $130k work in the Department of City Planning and Development as manager of “equitable development.” She uses her position to publicly complain about White people. Essentially, she is getting wealthy off local tax dollars to be a full-time professional activist. Washington State Senator Rebecca Saldaña is endorsing Ubax Gardheere for County Council, despite the woman’s past history of threatening children with murder.

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