Portland police refused to respond to violent Antifa party at squatter house despite nearly two dozen 911 calls

Mayor Ted Wheeler lied again

Wednesday night, a notorious boarded-up property known as “Red House” hosted a wild and violent party for Antifa. The property has been involved in left-wing violence in the past. At least twenty people called 911. The Portland police refused to intervene.

Just days ago Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and acting Portland Police Chief Chris Davis pledged to crack down on Antifa. They begged the public for help and urged residents to call the police when they see groups of Antifa.

Once again, this appears to have been more disingenuous rhetoric by Portland authorities. The squatter-house Antifa party was openly advertised on social media and included live bands. Neighbors estimate that up to 150 people attended. As left-wing militants spread across the neighborhood and became violent, police refused to intervene.

One neighbor told the media that he spoke directly to a police officer who told him the police would not be “inserting themselves into the situation.” The neighbor says that the party-goers were trespassing on his property, vandalized his fence, and assaulted a woman.

The so-called “Red House” once belonged to militant Black nationalist William Kinney III, who goes by William X Nietzche. He is part of the “Black Moors” group. This group is known for issuing fake identifications and using the flag of Morrocco. They also claim that Blacks are owed all kinds of special rights. Even far-left groups like the SPLC list them as “extremists.”

William X also refers to the property as the headquarters of the “Salish Skajet Kwabacabs Tribal Republic.” He inherited the house from his family but took out a new mortgage on it in 2002. The money from the mortgage was allegedly used to pay legal fees for his brother, who killed another motorist while driving with a suspended license. He defaulted in 2016 and then began filing “sovereign citizen” style lawsuits to delay his eviction.

In March of 2020, Portland police received complaints that Alaskan Huskies were being violently beaten at the house. An incident report advises officers that residents of the house are “armed and dangerous. DO NOT approach the house without backup.”

When he was finally evicted in December of 2020, hundreds of Antifa and other left-wing militants rallied around William X. Many showed up openly displaying firearms. They put up barricades around the squatter house and declared the property to be “an autonomous zone.” They called it the Portland Red House Autonomous Zone [PRAZ].

Eventually, the authorities ended the standoff by agreeing to drop charges against left-wing militants who had been arrested. There was an agreement that William X could buy the house back for the $97k he still owed. However, William has never actually re-purchased the house. The bank has a real estate developer willing to pay $260k for the property. That deal has been in limbo since 2018.


During the December 2020 standoff, Antifa blocked Portland’s Mississippi Ave with massive amounts of trash.

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2 years ago

The use of PDs has come to an end, time for THE PUNISHER to emerge.

2 years ago

The military needs to be deployed for actual combat after citizens removed.
Anyone still there is an enemy combatant (dead).