Drug dealing squatter’s wreak havoc on Portland

Residents live in fear of violent squatters

Imagine coming come from vacation and getting beaten up by squatters who have invaded your house. When you call police, they refuse to take any action. In fact, police are allegedly watching the squatters sell drugs from a distance without intervening.

Home invading squatters have been completely empowered by the city authorities.

If a home invader takes over your house, Portland requires you to begin a costly ninety-day eviction process before the police will remove the invader. Essentially, it is legal to steal a home or apartment for ninety days.

Much of the crime in Portland is being committed by violent career criminals that the authorities refuse to prosecute. Such as Judyann L. Edmond, who allegedly randomly stabbed a woman to death just days after being released from jail. She had five open cases at the time of the stabbing.

Portland police seem to be in a city-wide stand down. Just days ago, two people were shot after police allegedly refused to help a victim retrieve his stolen car and then left the scene.

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