Man says he was shot by car thieves after Portland cops refused to help him and left the scene

Calling the police doesn't seem to do much in Portland any more

On July 29th, a shooting in Old Town Portland injured two people. One wounded man, described only as “Chinese,” was trying to retrieve a stolen car.

Neal Lee, president of the Oregon Chinese Community Benevolent Association, says the man tracked down his stolen car and then called the police. According to Lee, police arrived, refused help, and quickly left the scene.

After the police left, the thugs opened fire, hitting the Chinese man and another victim. Both were hospitalized. The second gunshot victim may have been an unintended bystander. Neither the police nor the media have clarified this.

Lee says the refusal of the police to help the victim directly resulted in the shooting.

Portland’s KGW Channel 8 initially reported this as a triple shooting in which Lauren Teyshawn Abbott Jr, 19, was killed. However, Abbott’s killing may have been a separate event in the same area. Police and media have also not clarified this.

Portland seems to be in a state of perpetual city-wide law enforcement stand down.

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