Portland Mayor, who allowed violent Antifa to flourish, is now complaining about being their victim

Seems like Ted Wheeler only has himself to blame

Back in 2019, Antifa was conducting violent riots in Portland and attacking motorists and pedestrians. The Portland police conducted stand down after stand down and allowed them to riot. Wheeler was widely accused of ordering the stand-downs. While Wheeler denied giving the orders, he publicly defended the stand-downs as being the right decision.

It was not until late in 2020 that Wheeler finally ordered police to get tough. That was when Antifa tried to declare an “autonomous zone” right in front of Wheeler’s own apartment complex. Finally, by New Year’s Eve, Antifa rioting was so severe that Wheeler publicly denounced them by name and vowed to see them prosecuted.

By that time it was too late, Antifa had already been allowed to riot with impunity for over two years. Meanwhile, Multnomah County District Attorney [MCDA] Mike Schmidt is refusing to prosecute the vast majority of cases brought against BLM & Antifa rioters. Wheeler’s pledge to prosecute Antifa criminals is now over six months old and they are still rioting every single week.

Antifa knows that there will be a very weak, if any, police response when they commit crimes in Portland. They will probably never get arrested. If they are arrested, the DA will most likely drop the charges or otherwise decline to prosecute. Even if the worst-case scenario happens, the state or the feds step in to prosecute them, they still never face any real consequences. They are slapped on the wrist with probation.

For the second time this year, Ted Wheeler has been accosting by violent screaming far-left militants inside a restaurant. Local Antifa also called for violent attacks on Wheeler in a video posted on social media. Wheeler says the militants are crossing a line.

Wheeler was also involved in a violent incident with a man who accused him of not obeying his own mask policy outside a Portland restaurant. In this incident, Ted Wheeler blasted the accuser with pepper spray. That man, who is a lawyer, is now suing Wheeler.

The latest incident was on June 1st. The pro-Antifa Twitter account @dakisback2 began tweeting pictures of Ted Wheeler eating at a restaurant called Bamboo Sushi. The account gave the address and urged followers to confront Wheeler. Next, a violent mob entered the restaurant screaming profanity and clashing with employees. Melissa “Claudio” Lewis, who also tweets pro-Antifa stuff, posted a video of the incident. She may have been part of the mob herself.

Ted Wheeler just gave a radio interview complaining about the incident:

“When somebody comes into a restaurant, shouting and screaming, knocking tables out of the way, that’s crossing a whole different line. And particularly, if I’m with my child, I just call B.S. on that. That is off-limits, and if push comes to shove, I will defend my child.”

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