Most Portland Homicides unsolved, 40% of known suspects are Black despite being only 6% of the population.

Fewer than one third of homicides have resulted in a suspect being charged

Portland had a record-breaking year for homicides in 2021. There were at least 85 homicides. Portland had over four times as many homicides as it did in 2009, 20013, or 2016.

The primary takeaway is that Portland police are arresting very few suspects. In early August, the Portland police announced that only 15 homicides had resulted in a suspect being charged so far. Since then, only 12 more suspects have been charged.

Portland is approximately 71% White, 10% Latino, 8% Asian, 6% Black, 5% Other (racially mixed, American Indian, Hawaiian, Pacific Islander)

Of the 27 homicide suspects, two are classified due to their age. Of the other 25, 40% are Black.

20% of all homicides, with a known suspect, were Black on non-Black killings.

Identity of suspect classified due to age: 2 (Both victims are adult White males)
Black on Black: 5
Black on Latino: 1
Black on White: 4
White on White: 11
White on Asian: 1
Latino on Latino: 3

Daquan Taeshawn James Turner, 27, Black male, December 19th (Suspect: Borissean T. Washington, Black male)

Mariela Gonzalez Rocha, 29, Latina female, November 21st (suspect: Davonte A. Donahue, Black male)

Unnamed, 2, Latino, October 31st (Suspect: Gustavo Villalobos-Carranza, 31, Latino male)

Daniel C. Davis, 47, White male, October 24th (Suspect: Michael S. VanDomelen, White male)

Ashlie D. Walker, 37, White female, October 24th (Suspect: Michael S. VanDomelen, White male)


Joshua Newell, 41, White male, October 1st (Suspect: Matthew Clement, 42, White male)

Craig Wisdom, 40, White male, September 29th (Suspect: Underage suspect, identity classified)

JaMarie Herring Sr, 25, Black male, August 22nd (Suspect: Rolando L. Mingledoff Jr., 22, Black male)

Jonathon “Johnny” Polanco, 30 year old White male, August 20th (Suspect: Leonard Edwards, Black male)

Adrian Richardson, 47, White Male, August 8th, (Suspect: Wayne Thompson, 47, White male)


Quinton Bryce Miller, White male, 37, July 24th (Stabbed, Suspect: Austin D. Hayes, 32, Black male)

Joseph Dewey, 38, White male, July 17th (Suspect: Alec Kirk Belgrade, 26, White male)

Patrick Pruitt, 50, Black Male, July 15th (Suspect: Antonio L. Howard, 31, Black Male)

Alexander Douglas Martinson, 19, White Male, June 19th (Suspect: Jaizion Propps, 20, Black male)

Gary O’Connor, 45, White male, June 5th (Suspect: Michael McAllester, 33, White male)


Joseph Robert Sipe, 24, White male, May 25th (Suspect: Aaron D. Christopher, 40, White male)

Alexandra R. Arb-Bloodgood, 29, White female, May 16th (Suspect: Shane Finnell, 25, White male)

Breauna White, 30, Black female, May 5th (Suspect: Henry Brogdon, 30, Black male)

Michael Arrington, 53, White male, April 21st (Suspect: 16 year old male, identity classified)

Hunter Means, 3 months, Black male, April 14th, (Suspect: Dakota Kurtis Means, 21, Black Male)


Jay Ahn, 40, Asian male, March 31st (Suspect: William E. Aho, 37, White male)

Errol Rees, 57, White male, March 19th, (Suspect: Roy Lawrence Bennett Jr, 29, White male)

Jay Underwood, 60, White male, March 18th (Suspect: Blake M. Daniels, 38, White male)

Cory Zenuch, White male, February 10th (Suspect: Elijah Townsend, 27, Black male)

Isaiah J. Maza, Jr., 19, Latino Male, January 31st (Suspect: Gerson Perez-Gil, 18, Latino Male)


Jean Gerich, 77, White male, January 25th (Suspect: Paul Rivas, 64, White male)

Christian Martinez, 19, Latino male, January 2nd (Suspect: Angel C. Martinez, 23, Latino male)

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