NYPD: Thug who murdered McDonald’s employee for giving his mom cold french fries also committed murder in 2020

Thug culture at work

Victim: Kevin Holloman
Victim: Michael Webb

Police say that Lisa Fulmore was at a McDonald’s in Brooklyn. Her son Michael Morgan, 20, was outside waiting.

She complained after getting cold french fries. Then McDonald’s employee Matthew Webb, 23, allegedly placed three fresh fries on top of the same cold french fries. Then he laughed when she complained again. She called her son using a cellphone. Morgan attacked Webb and then shot him in the neck. Webb died in the hospital four days later.

This is a perfect example of a no-impulse control spur of the moment killing.

Morgan was already suspected of killing Kevin Holloman on Oct. 21, 2020. That murder occurred near the scene of the new murder. Now Morgan is being charged with both murders. Police say they got Morgan to implicate himself in Holloman’s death after he was arrested for shooting Webb.

Morgan’s girlfriend was also arrested for handing Morgan the gun he allegedly use to kill Webb. She is being held on a $50k bail.

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