Perp charged with murdering teen at a candlelight vigil in Atlanta

Vigil was for home invader that was shot in self-defense

On November 27th, Ian Hagerty, a 17-year-old White male, attended a candlelight vigil for Ta’neaious “TMAN” McCune, 18. This was in Dekalb County in the parking lot of the Highlands at East Atlanta Apartment Complex.

A Black male walked up to the crowd and opened fire, killing Hagerty. Two other people, aged 16 and 11, were shot and injured.

Police arrested Kendell Torrence, 23, over the weekend and charged him with murder.

McCune, from 2020

Ta’neaious McCune, 18, was shot and killed while allegedly trying to invade a Dekalb County home with three other perps. A homeowner exchanged gunfire with them, killing McCune. Two other perps, Jacqueze Grier, 23, and an unnamed 15-year-old, were shot and seriously injured. The fourth perp, Telvin Thomas, 30, arrived at the hospital later with a minor gunshot wound.

Police ruled the death of McCune to be a justifiable act of self-defense.

The phenomenon of shootings at vigils is becoming increasingly common.

Note: The sloppy Atlanta NBC affiliated titled this video wrong and never changed it. They also get the age of one of the victims wrong.

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1 year ago

The fake hatecrimes are on the rise !! these leftist commie democrats cant find any real white racism so they comitt hatecrimes against themselves!! Truly cowardist thing to do . white people are getting very tired of being demonized and physically attacked while our government signs protection laws for asians , mexicans ,blacks ,gays ,transgender jews, all while whites are being assulted daily;!’ The whites are getting restless and will respond to this constant poking of this sleeping giant and they keep poking he will wake up and be veryvm pissed off