New York radio host charged with slaughtering a traffic cop after violent anti-police rant on Facebook live

Perp was threatening violence against the police on Facebook

Jessica Beauvais was arrested Monday night after a hit and run that killed Anastasio Tsakosa. He was directing traffic for the NYPD at the time.

Beauvais, a New York radio show host also known as “Pheonix Michel,” was broadcasting a wild anti-police rant on Facebook live minutes earlier. Among other things, she was yelling “f*ck the police” and denounced the US justice system. She was also drinking vodka on camera. Beauvais made vague threats of violence against the police stating, “if you’re going to kill me, at least I get to take someone with me. I’m one of those people. If I’m going to go, someone is coming.”

After killing Tsakosa, Beauvais sped away with a smashed windshield. When pulled over, she told police she had been at the radio studio the entire time. The killing was recorded by the officer’s bodycam. Eventually, she admitted that she knew she hit “something” and blamed it on her GPS.

Beauvais was denied bail but has only been charged with 2nd degree aggravated manslaughter, drunk driving, and driving with a suspended license. She faces a maximum of fifteen years, which means she will be back on the streets in less than five. During her Facebook live rant, she claimed that Derek Chauvin got off too easy. Chauvin was convicted of a more serious crime than she is even being charged with.

Tsakosa leaves behind a wife and two children.

The content on Beauvais’s Facebook page has been locked down and can no longer be shared, embedded, or commented on. However, the Facebook live broadcast is still up.

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3 years ago

A year from now she will be given a plea deal and get time served and community service. Then she will be hired as an assistant professor by a major University to talk about the evils of whitey and the police.

3 years ago

I heard a little of her fb rant. Self-righteous and hateful.