Foster mother of murder victim shocks interviewer with her embrace of thug culture and gang violence

Thug culture is well entrenched in this community

On July 24th, a baseball game was held at a Los Angeles park that involved former gang members. The game was part of the anti-violence/intervention Community Athletic League. This is operated by the non-profit group Reclaiming America’s Communities through Empowerment [RACE].

During the baseball game, eight people were shot, two of them fatally.

The foster mother of one of the murder victims was interviewed live by KLTA Channel 5.

The interviewer is shocked by the foster mother’s callous attitude. She says it was a massacre of people from Compton but acts like it was a routine event for a weekend. State states, “you dealing with different hoods, what do you expect?” Then she flashes a gang sign and plugs her local Crips.

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