Pope begs Canadian race hustlers for forgiveness over “mass graves” hoax

Pope apologizes for a fake crime

One of the biggest Canadian media stories of 2021 was absolute hoax. The claim was that mass graves of Canadian Indian children had been discovered near boarding schools run by the Catholic Church.

About 150,000 Indian children attended these boarding schools between the 1870s to the 1940s. The Canadian government began subsidizing the schools in 1883 and then started buying the schools in the 20s. There is no evidence that Indian children died at a higher rate in these schools than White children in any other schools in Canada.

In the end, there was not one single mass grave. They were talking about regular cemeteries of individual graves. The graves are not even just children, they are people of all ages. At the time, many of Canada’s Indian tribes said it was against their belief to use permanent grave markers. So only wooden crosses were used. Decades after the wooden crosses had rotted away, professional activists falsely claimed they had “discovered” previously-unknown mass graves.

The media frenzy inspired attacks on churches all over Canada. Far-left radicals didn’t even check to see if the church they were attacking was Catholic. They just attacked all churches. Numerous churches were burned to the ground.

The so-called “tribal leaders,” AKA professional race hustling con artists, and the Canadian media should be apologizing to everyone else. Instead, the Pope is groveling for forgiveness for a fake crime.

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