Canadian Employment Minister: fire the unvaccinated and deny them unemployment to protect the economy

Says intentional impoverishment of the unvaccinated will protect economy

Employment Minister Carla Qualtrough wants workers who lose their job due to vaccine mandates barred from receiving unemployment benefits.

The Canadian government has vaccine mandates for all federal public servants and anyone who works in federally regulated transportation services, including air, rail, and marine transportation. You must be vaccinated to fly on a commercial airliner. Other employers are encouraged to issue company-wide mandates.

She is instructing employers not to report the unvaccinated as being fired. Instead, when an employer fires someone over their vaccination status, they should be reported as having quit or taken a leave of absence. That way, they will not be eligible for benefits. Qualtrough says that this policy should last as long as the alleged “emergency” continues. She stated that she did not know how long that would be.

Qualtrough alleges that “our economy is threatened” by allowing unvaccinated workers to continue employment. To mitigate this threat, these workers must be fired and impoverished. According to the minister, intentionally impoverishing people, restricting their movements, and creating an artificial labor shortage will somehow protect the economy.

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