Canadian euthanasia surged 31.2% in 2022

Now accounts for 4.1% of all deaths

The Canadian government has published its fourth annual Medically Assistance In Dying [MAID] report.

The information is disturbing:

In 2022, there were 13,241 MAID provisions reported in Canada, accounting for 4.1% of all deaths in Canada.

The number of cases of MAID in 2022 represents a growth rate of 31.2% over 2021. All provinces except Manitoba and the Yukon continue to experience a steady year-over-year growth in 2022.

When all data sources are considered, the total number of medically assisted deaths reported in Canada since the introduction of federal MAID legislation in 2016 is 44,958.

There were 16,104 written requests for MAID in 2022. This represents an increase of 26.5% over the number of written requests in 2021. Written requests for MAID have grown by an average of 28.2% per year between 2020 and 2022. In 2022, the majority of written requests (13,102 or 81.4%) resulted in the administration of MAID.

The death by euthanasia rate in Canada was 34.4 per 100k in 2022. It is growing at an alarming rate. The rate at which people are people euthanized is increasing even faster than the rate at which people make requests for euthanasia. This is because the program is continuously being expanded.

On March 17, 2024, Canada will begin euthanizing people solely for mental health reasons.

The Special Joint Committee on Medical Assistance in Dying [AMAD] has also recommended the legalization of euthanasia for minors. They have also suggested a process to allow “mature minors” to consent without their parent’s permission.

Note: When this website first began reporting on Canada’s euthanasia program, we found that many people falsely assume that non-medical assisted suicide rates should plunge. This has not happened. We can not find any quality data on Canadian suicide rates for 2022. However, from 2016-2021, suicide rates were flat as euthanasia rates soured each year.

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