Euthanasia rates by country

Could euthanasia become a contagion?

Photo: A 3D-printed gas chamber known as the “Sarco Pod” is close to being potentially put into use in Switzerland. The pod would suffocate the person with nitrogen. Traditional homicidal gas chambers are the most dangerous and expensive way to kill someone. However, this device does not use poisonous gas and would be safe and cheap to operate. Critics worry that it would glamorize euthanasia.

Euthanasia rates for 2021:

Netherlands: 43.7 per 100k
Canada: 27.2 per 100k
Belgium: 23.3 per 100k
Switzerland: 11.0 per 100k

Euthanasia rates for 2022:

Netherlands: 49.6 per 100k
Canada: 34.4 per 100k
Belgium: 25.6 per 100k
Switzerland: 12.8 per 100k

Increase in number of euthanasia deaths for 2022:

Netherlands: +13.7% (There are allegations that this is underreported)
Canada: +31.2%
Belgium: +9.9% (There are allegations that this is underreported)
Switzerland: +15%

In the Netherlands, dozens of couple are now being euthanatized together each year.

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