Who is shooting America’s app-based gig workers?

Who are the perps?

Updates: Since initially publishing this, we have found three more. A Black male killed in an overwhelmingly Black part of Detroit in 2022. A Black male killed in an overwhelmingly Black part of Jacksonville, FL in 2022. A Black male killed by two Black male suspects in Akron in 2023. There was also a new case in which Black suspects murdered a White driver.

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Numerous media outlets have run articles lamenting that a majority of murdered app-based rideshare/delivery drivers are “persons of color.” However, they never mention who the perpetrators are.

So National Conservative went to work finding out.

We have created three lists of people murdered while working as app-based rideshare/delivery drivers.

27 killed in 2021
17 killed in 2022
19 killed in 2023 so far.

Total: 63

You know of any others killed in 2021, 2022, or 2023, send us a message.

In cases where the race of a suspect is confirmed:

White: 2
Latino: 4
Middle Eastern: 2
Black: 40
Unsolved: 15

Race of the victims:

Black: 22
White: 17
Latino: 11
Central Asian: 7
East Asian: 3
Middle Eastern: 2
Unnamed Victim: 1

For the 15 murders in which there is no confirmed race of the suspect. These are the areas:

Mostly Black neighborhood: 8
Racially Mixed neighborhood: 3
Mostly Latino neighborhood: 2
Interstates: 2

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3 months ago

Shocking statistics, even if we’re not shocked by the demographics…

Reuben Hayat
2 months ago

It’s the same with the killing of transexuals, which the media makes a big fuss about – but neglects to point out the race of the perps.

Anyway, great article. Reblogged.