Czech Republic’s first Black MP guilty of two rapes, one attempted rape

Choco Afro is going to prison

Dominik Feri was billed as the “first Black man” ever elected to the Czech Republic’s Chamber of Deputies. The European media heaped wild praise on him.

Politico named him #8 on a list of 28 up-and-coming European politicians in 2018. From 2017 until early 2021, he was the subject of non-stop media adoration. His Instagram account, “choco-afro,” had over 700k followers at one time.

Then he was charged with raping a minor, raping a woman, and attempted rape of another woman. Police had been investigating allegations against him since 2015.

He resigned from the Chamber of Deputies in May 2021. His trial began on February 14th, 2023. However, it was adjoined until later in the year, on February 16th. The Czech Republic does not have American-style jury trials. He is being tried in front of a panel of four judges.

His trial resumed again on Thursday of last week. Today, November 2nd, he was convicted of all three charges and sentenced to three years. Prison sentences in European countries tend to be extremely short.

Feri also potentially faces new charges for doxing two of his victims before the trial started.

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