The Czech Republic appoints a media mogul as Commissioner of Misinformation to police his competitors

Czech Republic will police its media for "Russian Misinformation"

The Czech Republic has launched the Commission on Media and Misinformation. Michal Klima was appointed to be the commissioner by Prime Minister Petr Fiala. Klima was previously hired by Fiala’s administration as a “consultant on media and misinformation” last December.

He is the CEO for Vltava Labe Media, the second-largest publishing house in the Czech Republic. Klima is a former chairman of the board for the Lidové noviny and Economia, which are major Czech newspaper companies. He is a co-founder of the Union of Newspaper Publishers and co-founder of the Czech National Committee of the International Press Institute. Klima, who is ethnically Jewish, is also the chairman of the Endowment of Holocaust Victims.

Planning for this new government entity began on March 2nd under the pretense of fighting alleged Russian misinformation. Klima will report directly to the Prime Minister.

Essentially, the government of the Czech Republic has placed a media boss, who is allied with the Prime Minister, in charge of policing his competition.

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