Residents of Mariupol & Volnovakha continue making allegations of atrocities committed against civilians

America deserves to see all sides

From Renaissance Horizon…

Mariupol, Sartana, Volnovakha, and the surrounding area have been under a de facto occupation by Kiev backed hardline militias since 2014. They are part of an area that tried to secede from Ukraine. The largest and most well-known militia is Azov Battalion. However, other militias, such as Aidar Battalion, and Donbas Battalion, also operate in the immediate region.

Azov was specifically stationed in Mariupol and given the power to act as a police force. Meanwhile, the former Mariupol International Airport was converted into a headquarters for the Ukrainian secret police.

Before the Russian army or DPR separatist militia even reached Mariupol, a resident made allegations on a major Greek television show that militia were using violence to prevent people from leaving. There was even a dashcam video alleging showing a motorist being murdered and other civilians being shot at as they tried to leave.

Now, scores of residents (at least) have gone on camera to accuse Ukrainian forces, specifically militias like Avoz, Donbas, and Aidar, of committing atrocities against civilians. Many accuse these militias of intentionally using civilians as human shields and committing murders.

Outside of Russia, some of these accounts have been aired on national television in countries like China and India. However, they are heavily censored in the West. Greece is the only nation that has given them any kind of substantial coverage because this region is home to most of the Pontic Greeks that live in Ukraine.

Since our money, weapons, and economic security are being used to support Ukraine, I think we deserve to see both sides of the story.

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