Zelensky strips opposition politicians of their Ukrainian citizenship

Europe's greatest democracy

Volodymyr Zelensky banned eleven political parties and all independent media in the early days of the Russo-Ukrainian War. Ukraine became a single-party state with what Zelensky called the “United News.” Zelensky had already banned several opposition media outlets before the war started.

Over time, Zelensky made new rules forbidding elected officials from opposition parties from even holding meetings together. Some current and former MPs were thrown in prison or murdered.

Since then, Zelensky has continuously escalated a crackdown on public freedom. The Russian Orthodox church was targeted early in the war. However, the Ukrainian Orthodox church is also being targeted, and dozens of Ukrainian Orthodox priests are now under arrest. There is also a faction of Orthodox Jews who have seen their leaders arrested by the state.

Ukrainian Orthodox clergy are being ordered to shift their allegiance to a state-sponsored church leadership based out of Kiev. 

Now, Zelensky has announced that four current and former opposition MPs are being stripped of their Ukrainian citizenship. He says that more political figures will be stripped of their citizenship in the coming days.

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1 year ago

He sound like a man that needs another couple billion. For the war effort of course. Can,t wait for the Ukrainian ppl to see him for what he is. A sock puppet who,s time is running out. The ppl in charge may tire of him soon.

1 year ago
Reply to  r koz

Hey stupid… The opposition party is pro Russian. The FSB has been infiltrating Ukrainian government for over a decade. He’s telling them if you support Russia then go live there. Of course maybe you’re a Russian paid troll to comment like you do.

Ann Arbor
1 year ago

Democrats are taking note.
“Stripping political opponents of their citizenship”. They find that most appealing.

1 year ago
Reply to  Ann Arbor

Yeah they do when the opposition party is pro Russian and made of FSB agents, and paid informers and such.

1 year ago

Who needs citizenship under the New World Order? The WEF bosses Soros and Rothschild-Schwab put their man Selensky in power to test their model.