At least 17 app-based rideshare/delivery drivers were murdered in 2022

What do they have in common?

Update: Two new people have been added to the list.

We have found 17 people who were murdered while driving for Lyft, Uber, or Doordash in 2022. If you know of any more, please send up a message.

On December 30th, Ainzargul Totakhil, 40, was shot and killed while driving for Uber in Durham, NC. No one has been arrested and no details on any suspects have been released. The murder took place in census tract 001802, which is 64% Black, 22% Latino, and 10% White.


On December 9th, Yolanda Dillion, 54, was stabbed to death while driving for Uber in Harvey, Louisiana. Brandon Jacobs, a 29 year old Black male confessed. He also posted a video of his attack on Facebook. He told police, “I just wanted to stab someone.”


On November 29th, James Barron, 37-year-old Black male, was murdered while driving for DoorDash in the Longbranch neighborhood of Jacksonville, FL. There is no suspect. He was killed in a 93% Black census tract.


On November 5th, Caron Arterberry, 37, was driving for Uber in Chicago, Illinois when he was shot and killed. His passenger was also wounded. Police say it was an ambush targeting the passenger. Two Black males exited another vehicle at a red light and opened fire. It does not appear that anyone has been arrested.


photoOn October 30th, Richard Skelskey, 80, was shot and killed while driving for Uber in Memphis, IL. The suspect is Joshua Gossett, 28, who is also accused of killing a woman the same day near the same time he allegedly killed Skelskey.



On October 21st, Dina Terrell, 49, was killed while driving for Lyft in Pontiac, MI. Police say Kemarrie Phillips, 19, shot her in the back of the head while he was a passenger.




On August 10th, Nesredin Esleiman, 55, was shot and killed while driving for Uber in Temple Hills, Maryland. The suspect is Kiayon Strowbridge, 21. Police are calling it “an attempted robbery.” This was the second murder of a ride share driver in Temple Hills in 2022.



On July 17th, Kon Fung, 52, was killed in Oakland while driving for Uber. The suspects are Major Willis, 19, and another Black male juvenile, who’s identity has been classified. The murder was captured on security cameras.



On July 2nd, Da’Jour Russ was killed in Detroit while driving for DoorDash. There is no suspect. It took place in an opverwhelmingly Black area.


photoOn June 30th, Anthony Garland, 34, was killed in Indianapolis, Indiana while driving for Lyft. The suspect is Devin Powell, 24. Police say that Powell shot Garland in the car, dumped the body, and covered up blood stains with new seat covers. Then he drove Garland’s car to a family function.


photoOn June 3rd, Dushaundra Lee Ward, 43, was killed in Memphis, TN while driving for Lyft. Police say she died in an ambush attack. The intended victims were her passengers. One or more Black males are being sought. The media has never reported any arrests.


photoOn March 27th, Shaani Mohamed, 39, was killed while driving for Uber in Portland, Oregon. Police say there is no suspect. The murder took place in census track 020512, which is 84% Black.


photoOn March 19th, Manuel Francis Hernandez, 37, was killed while driving for Uber in Long Beach, NY. The suspect is Shaun Teemer, 23. In 2015, Shaun Teemer was arrested for felony robbery of a man who was trying to sell something on the internet.


photoOn February 26th, Abdul Rauf Khan, 71, was shot and killed while driving for Lyft in Temple Hills, Maryland. The suspect is a 17 year old Black male who’s identity is classified die to age. Another classified 17 year old and 19 year old Daquan Childs were arrested as accomplices. All three are from Washington DC.


photoOn February 10th, Christina S. Spicuzza, 38, disappeared while driving for Uber in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. She was later found murdered. Calvin Crew, is charged with killing her. Spicuzza’s dashcam recorded her begging for her life with a gun to her head. Her body was dumped in the woods.


photoOn January 26th, Brandon Cooper, 35, was killed while driving for Lyft in Dayton, Ohio. Four suspects were arrested. Two of them are Da’Trayvon Mitchell and Tylan Peaks, who are 15 year old Black males. No mugshots were ever published because of age. The identities of the other two are completely classified because because of age. Police say the perps were on a crime spree and had just robbed a different driver. The NAACP held a press conference and blamed the murder on Lyft.


photoOn January 24th, Cheryl McCormack, 51, was killed in a robbery while driving for Doordash in Baltimore, MD. Two Black male teenagers were charged with murder. The authorities classified their names due to age.

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