At least 19 app-based rideshare/delivery drivers have been murdered on the job in 2023

And the year is not over yet.

Update: There has been at least two more killings in 2023. In December, a Black male killed an Arab immigrant Uber driver in Chicago. Also, a White female from Venezuela, who drives for Uber and Lyft, was murdered in Chicago. There is no suspect, but the murder took place in a mostly Black neighborhood.

We previously made a list of seventeen Uber/Lyft drivers murdered on the job in 2022.

If you know of any more killed in 2022 or 2023, please send us a message.

  1. Christopher Beushausen, W/M, Uber, 1/13/2023, Indianapolis, IN. Shot. Unsolved. Killed in a majority Black neighborhood.
  2. Milton Pillacela Ayora, L/M/31, Lyft, 2/20/2023, Chicago, IL. Drive-by shooting. Unsolved. Majority Black neighborhood.
  3. Andrew Stiller, W/M/35, Uber, 2/20/2023, New Orleans, LA. Drive-by shooting. Black male passenger also killed, others injured. 33-year-old Black male arrested.
  4. Brice Djembissi, B/M/37, Uber, 2/25/2023, Washington, DC. Unintended bystander. Suspect is an at-large Black male.
  5. Marvin Enrique Bardales Valle, L/M/32, Lyft, 3/9/2023 New Orleans, LA. Shot by passenger. 19-year-old Black male charged.
  6. Mohamed Kamara, B/M/42, Lyft, 3/14/2023, Washington, DC. Rammed by perp fleeing from cops. Two Honduran passengers also killed. Black male charged.
  7. Robert Diaz, L/M/37, Uber, 3/16/2023, San Antonio, TX. Robbery. 37-year-old Black male charged.
  8. Aaron Orozco,  L/M/37, Uber, 3/24/2023 Lynwood, CA. Killed by passengers. Suspects are two at-large Black males.
  9. Jaevierre Greer, B/M/22, Doordash, 4/19/23/ Akron, OH. Shot and killed. Suspects are two black males.
  10. Randall William Cooke, W/M/59, Uber, 4/24/23, Holiday, FL. Dismembered. El Salvadoran charged.
  11. Hector Torres, L/M/43, Uber, 5/27/2023 Houston, TX. Carjacking. 18-year-old Black male charged.
  12. Michael Almonte, L/M/34, Uber, 6/14/2023 Philadelphia, PA. Unintended bystander. Unsolved. Neighborhood is two-thirds Latino and one-third Black.
  13. Daniel Piedra L/M/52, Uber, 6/16/2023 El Paso, TX. Killed by passenger who says she thought she was being kidnapped. 48-year-old Latina charged.
  14. Juan Miguel Chan, L/M/40, Uber,  6/27/2023 Inglewood, CA. Shot. Unsolved. Neighborhood is majority Black.
  15. Nasrat Ahmad Yar, Central Asian/M/31, Lyft, 7/3/2023 Washington, DC. Shot. Killed by a groups of young at-large Black males.
  16. Kirk Nims, B/M/48, Uber, 7/11/2023 Petersburg, VA. Shot by passenger. 19-year-old Black male charged.
  17. Amare Geda, B/M/52, Uber, 8/8/2023, Seattle, WA. Carjacking. 18-year-old Black female charged.
  18. Unnamed victim, Uber, 9/19/2023, Denver, CO. Randomly shot. Second person shot and wounded trying to provide aid. 22-year-old Black male charged.
  19. Bryant Grund, 31, Uber, 10/6/2023, Jacksonville, FL. Murdered to get to his passenger, a Black male who was also murdered. A Black male and a Black female have been charged.

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7 months ago

its a good thing jbiden knows who is the biggest threat to america