At least six people have been murdered this year while driving an Uber or Lyft

Is there a pattern?

Do you know of any more? Send us a message.

On June 30th, Anthony Garland, 34, Indianapolis, Indiana. Killed while driving for Lyft. The suspect is Devin Powell, 24.

On June 3rd, Dushaundra Lee Ward, 43, was killed in Memphis, TN while driving for Lyft. Police say she died in an ambush attack. The intended victims were her passengers. The media has never reported any arrests.

On March 27th, Shaani Mohamed, 39, was killed while driving for Uber in Portland, Oregon. Police say there is no suspect. The murder took place in census track 020512, which is 84% Black.

On March 19th, Manuel Francis Hernandez, 37, was killed while driving for Uber in Long Beach, NY. The suspect is Shaun Teemer, 23.

On February 10th, Christina S. Spicuzza, 38, disappeared while driving for Uber in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. She was later found murdered. Calvin Crew, is charged with killing her.

On January 26th, Brandon Cooper, 35, was killed while driving for Lyft in Dayton, Ohio. Four suspects were arrested. Two of them are Da’Trayvon Mitchell and Tylan Peaks, who are 15 year old Black males. No mugshots were ever published because of age. The identities of the other two are completely classified because because of age. Police say the perps were on a crime spree and had just robbed a different driver. The NAACP held a press conference and blamed the murder on Lyft.

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