14 year old “up and coming rap star” stabbed to death by rival 15 year old rapper

Who could have imagined this?

Notti Osama and his older brother DD Osama.

On Saturday afternoon, Ethan Reyes, 14, was stabbed to death on a subway platform in the Hamilton Heights neighborhood of Manhattan.

Reyes is said to be an up-and-coming local rap star who performed under the name “Notti Osama.” His older brother performs using the name “DD Osama.” The pair had just published a new gangster rap video together on June 20th.

Allegedly, Reyes pushed an unnamed 15-year-old onto the tracks. Then the 15-year-old stabbed Reyes. He was rushed to the hospital but died. Police say there is a clear surveillance video showing the incident.

Police say the 15-year-old was bleeding from his back and abdomen. His identity is classified due to age. However, locals say it was another rapper with whom Reyes had an ongoing feud.

The Reyes brothers live at a family home in Yonkers. Neighbors say they have made numerous noise complaints about the house for loud rap music in the middle of the night.

Another New York City rapper, known as Sugarhill Keem, recorded a video from a hospital bed. He appears to vow revenge against the 15-year-old.

Another New York City rapper, Kev GZ posted a video publicly mocking the killing of Reyes.

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