Youtube star publishes “Crack Pipe Biden” rap song

HHS wants to pay for the purchase and distribution of crackpipes

Last January, Joe Biden signed executive order 13985, titled “Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government.” The Biden administration alleged that the executive order would be “a comprehensive approach to advancing equity for all, in particular by fighting systemic racism.” The executive order calls on all federal agencies to revise agency policies to “address inequality.”

In response to the executive order, HHS announced on February 7th that $29.25 million would be given out in grant money for “harm reduction.” Pages eight and ten, of their seventy-five page document detailing the harm reduction plan, calls for the purchase and distribution of smoking kits, smoking supplies, syringes, and disposal kits for syringes. This is supposed to protect “underserved communities” from “harm.”

A spokesman for HHS confirmed to the Washington Free Beacon that the grant money would pay for “sterile pipes” to smoke “illicit substances” such as crack, meth, and other drugs. However, now members of the Biden administration are publicly denying this after international condemnation and mockery.

Youtube star Loza Alexander lampooned the harm reduction program with a new song titled “Crack Pipe Biden.”

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