NYC public defender sues taxpayer-funded employer over racial and political harassment campaign

Maud Maron was targeted by anti-White bigots

In July of 2020, Maud Maron published an op-ed piece in The New York Post arguing against so-called “anti-racism” training in schools.

She was a staff attorney for Legal Aid Society, a group of public defenders primarily funded by New York City.

Immediately afterward, she says she was the target of a racial and politically motivated harassment campaign. The “Black Attorneys of Legal Aid Society caucus” called her a “racist” and declared her unfit to work as a public defender. A probe was launched into her past caseload which found no faults. Yet, despite no wrongdoing, the taxpayer-funded group made a public statement saying “We’re ashamed that she works for the Legal Aid Society,”

Now Maron is on sabbatical and has filed a lawsuit against Legal Aid Society for violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. She says Legal Aid Society engaged in an illegal campaign of harassment and defamation to attempt to force her to quit her job.

Legal Aid Society is now claiming to be the victim, claiming that Maron is using litigation to “harass a non-profit employer and its employees who have spent their careers advancing social justice causes,”

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